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  This space is dedicated to the builders of Fisher Flying Product designs.   Until formatted otherwise, this page will be divided into "Builders"  and "Flyers."   The "Flyers" are determined by the fact that air has actually come between tires and terra firma. The "Builders" are the folks pestering the "Flyers" at length.

  If you know of anyone not included here, please let me know at lairdl@airmail.net.  Please be aware that I speak for no one but myself and that the information contained herein was gleaned from a vast collection of emails, letters and the like. Any questions pertaining to Fisher Flying Products can be addressed at their website:  www.fisherflying.com.   They are good people and have a reputation of straight-forward customer assistance.  

  We have developed a loose-knit network of FFP/Fisher builders on something we call the "Fishnet." For information on joining us in our ongoing conversations click here. 

Oshkosh 2006 Group Photo


Fisher Flying Products

Gene Hanson (Fisher Flying Products Head Honcho) Click on his name to access his website.  He is the supplier of the planes featured here in the Fishnet Hangar. Gene can be reached at ffp@fisherflying.com  We have included some helpful information from Gene at the bottom of this page.


Laird Lind (Airbike)  OK, it's not a site on my Horizon 1, and it's not an FFP project, but this thing is done. Signed off on November 15, 2005.  The Horizon 1 is in a spot where good pictures can't be taken, so this will have to do.

Rob Brooke (Tiger Moth) Check out Rob's site by clicking on his name. His email address is: rbrooke@tampabay.rr.com

Tom Lyon (Horizon 1) Princeton Illinois checks in with another H1 project.  Tom's email is: tylyon@insightbb.com

John Mateskon (Dakota Hawk)  Submitted in April, 2005 this airplane looks extremely close to becoming a flyer.

Chris Anderson (Horizon 1)  Here's another Horizon 1 being built in Newark, OH.

Bill Davis (Tiger Moth)  Great pictures on a project underway.

Greg Hall (Horizon 1)  You will not believe how this "quick build" kit got in the air so fast!  Looks like a real budget saver. 

Jon Mangum (Several Fisher products)  Scratch built a 303 and put 80 hours on it and have just begun to build a Horizon 1 from scratch.  He has a website detailing his projects and several other Fisher products too.  Jon's website is: http://planebuilder.topcities.com/ Jon's email is: rugman_1@netzero.net.

Jason Edwards (FP-101)   Jason just bought this project under construction. If you recognize it, let him know who the original builder may be.

Bob Olen (Building Celebrity and flying a Dakota Hawk)   More details coming from him on both planes.  His email address is: awflies45dh@yahoo.com

Billy Kerchner (Horizon 1)   Getting close to the finish, check out a number of neat modifications.

Gene Seiter (Horizon 2) Gene almost has air under his butt in this beautiful airplane.  Gene's email address is included for ease in contacting him.

Kevin Rutland (Fisher Avenger)  Kevin has a website where Avenger-type activity and information is being presented.  His email address is ulavenger@yahoo.com for additional details.  Click on his name to be connected to the Avenger website.

Marty Hammersmith (Horizon 2)  Visit Marty and observe the progress of his building on his web page.  Click on his name to navigate to that site.  Marty has just completed the first phases of fiberglass wheel pant construction.  Click the "Back" button on your browser to return to this page.

Jim Martin (Horizon 2)  This Summerfield, FL builder is getting close to flying.

Jim Van Hulle (Horizon 1)   This plane is getting close to completion as seen in these photos.

Huite Rietveld (Horizon 2)  Check out his homepage to see the progress being made on this plane overseas.

Charlie Becker (Fisher Classic)  Yet another design here in the Fishnet Hangar to peruse.

Michael Baum (FP 303) Nice website detailing Mike's project with other Fisher Flying Product designs. This Peculiar, MO builder has photos and comments detailing his construction of this design.

Charlie Whorton (Horizon 2)  Check out Charlie's website for progress on his Horizon 2 airplane.  Complete with a list of modifications, you can view his site for additional information.If you wish to contact him directly his email is cwhorton@mail.com

Eric Nevius (Horizon 2)  New addition to the Fishnet.

Mike Goodman (Dakota Hawk)   Still early in the construction of this bird, Mike submits a note and neat picture of his project.

Scott Clarkson (FP-404)  As of September 26, 2000, this bird was beginning taxi tests.

RC Hay (Horizon 1)  Taking the batan from Anthony Della Vechhia, RC is finishing this bird.  0200 going under the hood, pictures to follow.  RC "Dick" Hay can be contacted at rchay@erols.com.


Andy Duncan (Classic)  Andy Duncan of 7S5 (Independence State, Oregon) flying a Classic.  Plane was built in 1990 by Ivan Cox in Canada and flew as an ultralight in the from 1993 until last September when I bought it.  Andy's email: kiaorana@wvi.com

Rick France's FP 202  Rick sends this in to us from Johnstown NY.

Gary Johnson's Horizon 1  Flown for the first time in October, 2008.  His email address is: gjjohn@olypen.com

Dock Smith (Celebrity) After nine years of building, it took flight Spring, 2007.

Tom Riley (FP 404) Click on Tom's name to access some neat photos.

Michael Sublett (FP 303) Both a builder and a flyer!  Located in Sanford, NC

Dave Owens (FP 202) Submitted to me June 1, 2006.  Excellent pictures.

David Murphy (Celebrity)  First flight 9/1/2006. Click on his name to check out neat website.

Joe Hutton (Tiger Moth) Done!!  2/5/2006. Check this plane out.

Gerald Boughner (FFP R80 Tiger Moth)   It's flying now...  Gerald can be reached at gboughner@nethere.com.

Ramiro Martinez (Dakota Hawk) From Cochabamba, Bolivia, we see another flying Hawk. His email is ramirom@supernet.com.bo

Ray Gefken's Skeeter.  Ray's email address is:  raygef@verizon.net.  He has submitted a picture and a flying adventure to boot.

Ivan Goriup (Classic)  Our first submission from Slovenia.

Scott Todd (Youngster)  Flown July 13, 2005. Based in Chandler, AZ.

Dan Kinsey (FP 606)  Flyer from Cleveland GA.  Built from scratch now flying with at least 35 hours since August, 2005.

Ray Lee (Horizon 1)  Ray buys a project and gets it flying.  He is based in California.

Dave Flohr (Fisher Tiger Moth)  Dave has a website for his airplaneIt flew in August, 2005.  Click on his name to be directed to that site.  His email address is:  r80tm@yahoo.com

Neil Payne (Horizon 1)  He's a flyer now!!  Submitted September of 2005, Neil's plane is in the air.

Kevin Janusek's (Koala)  Submitted February, 2004.

Markku Salminen  built a Super Koala in Finland.  My Super Koala's first flight were 9.10.04. Click on his name for the website he is hosting for the construction of that fine airplane. His email address is: markku.j.salminen@nokia.com.

Joe Kirner (Avenger V)  Submitted June, 2004.

Tom Hall (FP-404 and FP-303)  Built two FFP products.

Don Boll (Youngster)  Our first submission for 2004 comes from North Dakota.

Bob McLeod (Youngster)  Submitted 12/2003, this bird is flying.

Neil Kelstrom (Celebrity)  Welcome this new fellow to the Flyer's section.

Dan Rubino (Horizon 1)  It flies on September 6, 2003!!  New pictures coming..

Greger Larsson (Koala)  Check out this submission from Sweden.

Scott Stewart (Dakota Hawk)   This is a pretty new page but Scott's email is on it for additional correspondence concerning his beautiful Dakota Hawk now flying..  Scott's email address is: dakota_hawk@att.net 

Georg Surcamp (FP-202)  From Germany, these pictures are submitted.

Mark Cottrell (Celebrity)  10 years of  building pays off! Flying and still going strong!

Jerry Lucke (Celebrity)  Completed and you won't believe who stops by to see it!

Robert C. Meyer (Celebrity)  New submission September, 2003.

Vet Thomas (FP-303)  Flying for over 8 years as of 2003.

Robert Clabaugh (Dakota Hawk) Check this neat bird out.  Bob has provided some good pictures, too.

Ron West's Koala 202  All the way from Australia, we get another submission for "The Hangar."

Daniel Levi (FFP 606)  Pictures and an interesting story that will probably raise a few eyebrows.  Daniel can be reached at dnlevi@iserv.net

Oliviero Braini (Tiger Moth)  Italian builder completes an excellent airplane.  Click on his name for information and photos of this incredible airplane.

Phil Bird (Fisher 202 Koala)  Hailing from Austrailia, Phil included 4 incredible photos of this neat plane.  Phil's email address is phil202@ozemail.com.au.    Click on his name to see photos.

Eduardo Gutierrez  Gene Hanson submitted this recent completion.   The builder can be reached at lopeco@infonet.com.bo.   Check out this awesome picture by clicking on Eduardo's name.

Andy Helmholdt's (FP-202)  Flew on July 2002.  Contact Andy at ahelmholdt@yahoo.com.

Dan Ward's Dakota Hawk  40 hours on the Hobbs and more to come.  Beautiful plane.

Jim Hardy (Youngster)  Click on Jim's name for a link to his website detailing this flying airplane. Jim's email address is jehardy@nortexinfo.net.

Joe Lisanke  (Horizon 1)   This Gainesville, Florida resident is flying a bunch.

Joe C. Smith (Horizon 2)  Joe Smith built a Horizon 2 powered by a Corvair engine.  Click on his name above to see the plane flown for the first time 6/18/00 near Denison, TX.

Jim Williams (Horizon 1)  This plane is as nice as the surroundings in Tremonton, UT.

Thomas Marson (Dakota Hawk)   Check out the second customer-built 'Hawk in the air.  Click on this to see Tom's improvements on his good looking bird.

Dave Raun (Horizon 1)   Dave's contribution to the Horizon's design was the trim in the elevator.  He can be contacted now at dvraun@msn.co}.  He is very knowledgable and has over 600 hours on his plane at this time.

Ron and Jerry Haines (Horizon 1)   Two brothers from Pennsylvania show off their plane.

Ole Bjerre (Horizon 1)  Denmark chips in with a beautiful Horizon.

James Kenoyer (Horizon 1)   Recent addition to the Horizon fleet.

John Rogerson (Horizon 1)   Perhaps the most frustrating story here on the plight of a homebuilder in England.   His story raises some interesting questions and spawned extensive, ongoing research on the structural integrity of the Horizon 1 design. 

Scott Cannon (Youngster) N811RedBaron was finished this summer and has about 20 hours to date. Lots of fun! Scott can be reached at scott@cannon.cs.usu.edu.   Click on his name to access his website.

    **Click here for the results of John's PFA-required wing load test.

Just added on May 4, 2000:

    **Click here for the PFA Flight Test Schedule and required modifications.

Karl Rosenkranz (Horizon 2)   This could be the most modified Horizon 2 flying.

Daryl Johnson (Horizon 1)   This is the prototype that Mike Fisher built and sold to Daryl.

Ron Dulinsky's FP 202   Added to the Fishnet Hangar in March, 2000.  Nice airplane..

Bob Cook (Fisher Celebrity)  After five years and 1800 hours of construction, look at this....

 Keith Adams (Super Koala)   Proclaimed airworthy 3/2/00, it flies "hands off."  

Tom Wrobel (Dakota Hawk)   Check out the first customer-built Hawk flown.

Alan Brown (Celebrity)  Over 100 hours of flight time on this gorgeous plane.  Go to Alan's website for more details.  Alan can be emailed at alan.brown@worldnet.att.net

Saturnino Doctor (FP 404)  400 hours logged on this plane as of mid-July.  Saturnino's email is sdoctor@housing.ucsb.edu.  

John McCullagh (Fisher Celebrity)   Nice plane with excellent narration detailing the handling characteristics.

David Julian  (Classic)   Excellent photos that include weight/balance, first flight and more.

Greg Mathys's (Avenger)   Submitted on 2/8/01, this plane has flown and Greg wishes to tell us about it.  


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Mike Kastern's Review  This article in the December 1999 Experimenter details first flight.

Gene Hanson's Corner

Gene's Tip's on Bungee Tying.    Gene helps FFP builders with that task of landing gear work causing confusion. 

Here are the pictures of Gene's wheel pant mounting brackets.

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